• 1080p Video Bit Rate Too High

    1080p video bit rate too high


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    All: HDTV (NCLC 1-1-1), keeping in mind some players and screens will display the video a little more darkly.1080p Superbit: 25 Mbps to keep within H.264 level 4.0 (works out to 1.25x the already very high target bitrate), with a 30-Mbit buffer which is the minimum size allowed for Blu-ray players and therefore should be safe for most 1080p hardware decoders (works out to 1.2 seconds)As much as I deign to mention this, THIS is where you can pay for the license keyIt's a tradeoff too strict a peak bitrate limit will reduce quality a lot by removing the ability of the variable bitrate to use the bits most wisely (bitrate variations are a good thing), but too generous a limit will make pausing for buffering more likely, especially for the slower connections within each resolution's target link-speed range, because the player won't have downloaded far enough ahead to cover a big spike, even with our 20% bitrate headroom (ie: we know the user's Internet link can download at least 1.25x the target average bitrate, see earlier section on resolutions and bitrates)For 240p/360p, only using baseline profile implies disabling the following on-by-default features, which we also turn off explicitly for completenessH.264 is one of the most universally supported codecs, so I would stick with that for nowPlease enter a titleBest way to spot differences is interleave source + encode and step through it frame by frame, or use a tool like AvsPmod and bring up both files and flip back and forth between the tabs looking for differences Encoder Software - x264HDTV colorspace (NCLC 1-1-1) is the colorspace standard for modern high-definition content and screens, also known as "recommendation 709"


    Lossless just means no data is lost in compressing the video, nothing will be approximated, only scaled"Buffer" is like a pre-fetch for the decodersome of us can only distinguish 12 shades of the same color, while others can see over 24 shades The encoder will try to use keyframes at scene changes, of course (see above), but for a lot of content this value is important because many scenes are longer than 5 or even 10 secondsA word of warning, though do not use Apple's standard H.264 encoder, the one that comes built into QuickTime, as it isn't very good and consistently comes last in encoder comparisons, especially at low bitratesBecause bitrate is so low, conversion artifacts may be visible, particularly in scenes with high motionWeighted predictions (--weightp & --weightb) allows referring to different reference frames using different weightings which are then combined, especially useful for fadesA more thorough evaluation of the possible final motion vectors will find better matches, producing better motion vectors, leading to a less complex residual image left to encode after motion compensation, and therefore better quality at the given target bitrate


    Per-Macroblock Bitrate-Control Lookahead (--rc-lookahead)Whats the recommended bit rate for 720pmovies ? The recommended bitrate for 720pmovies is : 12 mbpsUnfortunately, supporting different versions of a video in the same format, at the same resolution and the same bitrate, based on some other, secondary criteria, isn't possible in most web page video embedding mechanismsLowering the resolution like this means offering only 75% as many pixels, which of course means Apple's bitrate at 480p actually covers only 75% as many pixels, or put another way, it effectively uses a 33% higher bitrate per pixelAt 240p we use a higher bitrate than everyone else in order to guarantee a minimum acceptable level of professional-looking quality, rather than looking ridiculously blurry/blocky, a la YouTubeThe setting varies from 0 to 1


    The exact bitrates chosen areNo tagging (default) declares nothing about the video file's colorspace, and leaves it at the mercy of the video player application's whims, which isn't a great idea, even though that's going to be the case for many players anyway since many ignore colorspace taggingAdaptive Number of B-Frames (--b-adapt)The movie is a 2009 release so its the latest in the market+ Reply to Thread Results 1 to 5 of 5 Video bit-rate would be about 5525kb/s on the region A/1 blu-rayMaximum Keyframe Interval (--keyint)All Rights ReservedI want to create Quicktime/H.264 videos and I have difficulties to find out what H.264 encoding settings to use for 1080p (25 fps) and 4K (25 fps)Name Resolution Link (Mbps) Bitrate (Mbps) Video (kbps) Audio (kbps) 240p 320x240 1.0 0.64 576 64 360p 480x360 1.2 0.77 704 64 480p 640x480 1.5 0.96 896 64 480p HQ 640x480 2.0 1.28 1216 64 576p 768x576 2.3 1.47 1408 64 576p HQ 768x576 2.5 1.60 1536 64 720p 960x720 3.0 1.92 1856 64 720p HQ 960x720 4.0 2.56 2432 128 1080p 1440x1080 6.0 3.84 3712 128 1080p HQ 1440x1080 9.0 5.76 5632 128 1080p Superbit 1440x1080 N/A 20.32 20000 320


    just how high does bitrates need to be!?The texture/gradient/whatever must pass both thresholds before any filtering is applied." At most, the beta threshold should only be changed very slightly, but a small change to -1 can improve overall sharpness at the risk of some visible blocking3Our chosen bitrates are significantly higher than both YouTube and Vimeo at all resolutions, due to our goal of very good visual quality with no major visible compression artifactsBaseline profile is a subset of the normal H.264 format which drops the most CPU-intensive features, primarily B-frames, weighted predictions and CABAC arithmetic coding for the final entropy coding step6nm2nd September 2010, 10:52For instance, there's a massive file size difference c81eca7253

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